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Saturday, 9th July - "Music for a Summer Evening".

Now in its third, successful year

Once again, everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening of music on a beautiful and warm summer's evening. The Society would like to thank
Serena Kay
Lindsay Bramley
Helen Clutterbuck
Karen Speight
Richard Brooman
George Priestley
Rachel Farago
acccompanied keyboard Judith Flint
and Paul Doolan, saxophone, for playing through the picnic interval.
October 2021

It is with great sadness that we report that our loyal and enthusiastic member Nigel Hague passed away on Saturday night (October 10th).

After a relatively short but not uncomfortable battle with infections in his feet due to his diabetes, he died at home with his family at his side, at the age of 91.  He was a member of the society for 40 years, including a long tenure as chairman. His last appearance was in 2017, but he retained interest till the last moment.  He was incredibly passionate about opera and the society, and gave and received a lot of joy with his involvement.

Perhaps you will spend a moment to watch the Auto da Fe scene from Don Carlos and remember him doing what he loved.
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Saturday, 17th July - "Music for a Summer Evening",
an open air concert presented by the very talented:
Serena Kay
Lindsay Bramley
Karen Speight
Phil Clieve
Graham McGregor-Smith
Richard Brooman
supported by Judith Flint - pianist
Interval music by Eddie Riff - Saxophonist
Guests were treated to an evening of wonderful and varied music from our talented soloists on a beautiful, warm summer evening.

January 2021

It is with very great sadness that we report that our wonderful, ever supporting president John Handcock has passed away. All members of the Society would like to express their condolences to his wife and family.

Christmas 2020

Members of WEO produced a Christmas greeting which can be heard at

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WEO held two sold out outdoor concerts in Ascot on 15th and 16th August.

Many thanks to our soloists :
Charlotte-Anne Shipley
Philip Clieve
Angela Good
Rachel Farago
Graham McGregor-Smith

and to Judith Flint, their accompanist
15th February 2020 - A Ceilihd will be held at the Gardeners Hall, Windsor so dust-off your kilts and tartan and dig out your dancing shoes.
Starting at 7pm for 7.30pm, please bring your own food and drink to share. Between dances we are looking for volunteers to, maybe, sing some Scottish ballads or recite some Scottish poetry. If you are interested, please contact Caroline.
Tickets are £12. Donations for a raffle will be gratefully received
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July 13th 2019
- Music for a Summer Evening - an open air concert of music from opera and musicals sung by the talented:
  • Helen Clutterbuck
  • Rachel Farago
  • Angela Good
  • Louise Herrington
  • Karen Speight
  • Richard Brooman
  • Graham Macgregor-Smith
accompanied by Oliver Cuttriss on keyboard.

Bring a picnic, table and chairs

For tickets: phone 01344 466173 or email

Please be aware that this concert may be subject to cancellation in the event of bad weather.
March 2019 - The Society arranged a singalong for members and guests in the Gardeners' Hall, Windsor. The programme included well-know songs from popular musicals and some Gilbert & Sullivan favourites. The hall was decorated with posters from the musicals and some members dressed in an appropriate style.
February 2019 - Members and friends met for a social evening and quiz at the Gardeners' Hall, Windsor.
December 2018 - A dozen members of the Society toured the pubs and restaurants in Windsor, singing a range of favourite carols. In total, £400 was raised on behalf of MacMillan Nursing.