Interested in joining us?

We are a friendly Society and provide a warm welcome to all who would like to join us, whether that be on stage or behind the scenes. If you are interested, please complete the contact form and someone will get back to you. You need not join for a few weeks - just come along and see how you get on.

Although we are an amateur society, we pride ourselves in the professionalism of our shows, from the standard of the musical performance, to the creativeness of the productions and the quality in our sets and costumes.

Rehearsals are held every Monday evening at 8-10pm in Windsor. In the run up to the show, we also have full rehearsals on two or three Sunday afternoons.
Chorus - Whether you are a base, tenor, alto or soprano (or even don’t know), there will be a place for you in the chorus. You need no experience, just a love of singing. If you can read music, that’s a bonus.

Principals - The majority of roles are cast at auditions although some minor roles may be drawn from volunteers from the chorus.

Lighting - Lighting design and rigging requires considerable experience and we would normally employ skilled lighting technicians for this role. However, there is often a need for those with an interest in lighting to assist with rigging and to run lighting during performances.

Scenic Carpenters - If you like working with wood and and other materials, and would like to assist with set construction, then please get in touch

Scenic Painters - As with lighting design, scenic painting is a skilled task but there is always a need for budding painters to assist.

Wardrobe - WEO generally hires costumes but assistance is needed with fittings from anyone who can thread a needle or apply a safety pin. If you are an experienced dressmaker, that would be great..

Make-up - There's a lot more to this than just slapping on the grease-paint but, if make-up or setting and adjusting whigs interests you, this may be your thing.

Properties - Often known simply as “props”, this is a key role within any theatre group. If you enjoy seeking out items from manacles to quill pens, you will find props management fulfilling.

Stage Crew - If you like being a part of the performance, but not on-stage, this may be your thing. The crew assist with building the set at the get-in, dismantling it at the get-out, as well as moving it into place during performances